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Getting Ready to Buy Your First Home
Congratulations! Making the decision to buy your first home is exciting - and we understand that sometimes it can be confusing, too.  That’s why we make applying for a home loan fast and stress-free. And with just a little preparation, it can be even faster!  Look over...
Homebuyers: Don’t Skip the Home Inspection
Home inspections are beneficial for both buyers and sellers. However, this article will focus on the basic benefits to you as a homebuyer. Although home inspections come at an additional cost, a thorough review of your prospective home could end up saving you money - or, at the very least,...
Is Refinancing Right for You?
Thinking about refinancing your mortgage? Learn the facts before you decide if that's the right choice for you! Refinancing offers the financial relief, rate stability, and access to money that you may not be able to get by other means, so learn about how refinancing may be able to help...
Proven Ways to Raise Your FICO to Get a Better Mortgage Rate
Your FICO score is a critical factor that can influence if you will get approved for a home mortgage loan. The FICO score, the standard U.S credit rating, is largely responsible for the terms and conditions (including the interest rate) that you qualify for when you apply for a mortgage...
Self-Employed? Here's How to Get a Home Loan
A critical factor when qualifying for a home loan is income. Lenders need to know that you have a stable income that allows you to sustain a mortgage. While traditional homebuyers can prove this easily with a standard W2 from their employer, a self-employed borrower will need to show proof...
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