5 Surprising Ways CityWorth Mortgage Experts Can Help You


When you think of the kind of help a mortgage professional offers, you most likely think home loan services. But did you know that we can do more?

It’s true! CityWorth Mortgage does more than match you with the right loan at a competitive rate - we help you navigate every aspect of homeownership success.

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Trustworthy Credit Advice

Credit scores are a critical part of the mortgage process, so our expertise in credit scores comes with the territory. Because your credit score is essential to the mortgage rate, you want to make sure you have the facts about your credit score and how you can improve it. We at CityWorth Mortgage are experts in helping people less-than-perfect credit buy the home of their dreams.

Explain the Homebuying Process

Curious about what it takes to buy a home?

Maybe you're wondering:

  • Which loan option is best
  • About hiring a real estate agent
  • What fees to expect
  • How much you can afford to buy

We happily answer all of your home buying questions throughout the entire process, so you're prepared and informed the entire time.

Down Payment Options

Many think that you need a 20% down payment for a home, but that’s not true! At CityWorth Mortgage, we offer loan options where you can have little to no down payment!

Need help coming up with down payment that won’t drain your savings? We’ll coach you on creative ways to come up with it. From monetary gifts to selling assets, we know all the tricks to buy a home with limited funds to start.

Do a Financial Checkup

Similar to your annual health checkup, your finances need a checkup too! We’ll take a look at your assets, income, and other financial obligations so that you can have a better understanding of your financial situation.

Just as a doctor gives you tips on how to improve your health, we’ll make some recommendations to improve your financial health.

Need a Real Estate Agent? We Can Help

At CityWorth, we are focused on making your homebuying experience a smooth and easy one, not only in the financing but also as you shop for your home. That's why we offer real estate agents with CityWorth Properties. We work closely with CityWorth Properties agents so that your entire homebuying process is a simple one.

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* Specific loan program availability and requirements may vary. Please get in touch with the mortgage advisor for more information.