Debt Consolidation

CityWorth Mortgage offers debt consolidation programs up to 100% of your home’s value. In addition, you could get $5,000, $10,000 even $20,000 or more in cash to use for anything you want! Even if you have less than perfect credit, CityWorth Mortgage can help.

Reducing Monthly Payments

Carrying balance on several high interest credit cards is difficult. Not only do you have a separate payment each month for them, but if you miss a payment the costs of delinquency add to your debt load.

When you refinance your debt, you can make one low payment for all these bills. The convenience is incredible; you will no longer have to write multiple checks or log in to all of your accounts to pay your bills each month. One simple payment could be all you have when get a debt consolidation loan from CityWorth Mortgage.

  • Save Hundreds of Dollars a Month
  • Pay-Off Your High Interest Rate Credit Cards
  • Stop Paying Compounding Interest
  • Fast and Easy Approval Process

If you or your spouse are a veteran and own your own home, there is a good chance you can obtain our special VA Debt Consolidation Loan to control your debt and reduce the amount you pay each month. 

Want a loan with low or NO closing costs, check out our Closing Costs Eliminator. This tool can help make your loan refinance more affordable and put more money in your pocket.

Check out some payment scenarios. We make it even easier with our selection of mortgage calculators.


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