Tips for the First-Time Homebuyer

Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

Your first call needs to be a CityWorth Mortgage Banker rather than your realtor's office.  Eliminate any doubt a seller may have about your approval status with a pre-approval from CityWorth Mortgage.  An offer with a pre-approval is the next best thing to an all cash offer.

Hire a Great Realtor

CityWorth Mortgage and CityWorth Properties work together to make your homebuying experience easy. We are here to help you all the way through your home buying process. Some companies go Half the Way but we go All the Way to get you into your home.
Apply today and get matched with your perfect team. 

Plan Down Payment

Start planning how you're going to make your down payment. Talk with your CityWorth Mortgage Banker for some innovative ideas on getting the money needed for your down payment. Having a plan in place will make the process much smoother when you find your dream home!

Get Closing Costs Paid By The Seller

We specialize in minimizing your cash required by advising you on making a home purchase offer that includes a seller credit to help pay for some or all your closing costs thereby reducing cash required to purchase your home.

Look at the Big Picture

First-time homebuyers have a reputation for being too picky about the little things and not seeing the big picture when touring homes. Remember certain elements of a home can be changed cheaply and easily, so focus more on the things you cannot change (like location, layout, and size).