Minimum Credit Score for a FHA Loan

Do you want to become a homeowner, but are worried that your less-than-perfect (or even bad) credit is holding you back? The home of your dreams may be closer than you think with an FHA loan through CityWorth Mortgage!

Can I get a FHA loan with bad credit?

Yes, CityWorth Mortgage can help you get into the home of your dreams today, even if you have bad or damaged credit. If you have a credit score of 580 or more, you are likely to qualify for more flexible loan terms, which include low down payment requirements and higher qualifying ratios on your ideal property.

Is a FHA loan right for me?

CityWorth Mortgage takes a deeper look at applicants with damaged credit, making distinctions between those individuals who have credit damaged from unemployment, divorce or medical debt, and those who have damaged credit for other reasons. With an in-house underwriting department, CityWorth Mortgage is in the unique position to look at your entire financial history – not just what your current FICO credit score is. If you can show steady income from a stable job, tax returns for the past 2 years, and/or other documentation, we can help you qualify for an FHA mortgage loan and get you onto the road to full financial recovery and freedom! 

To learn more about FHA loans, call us to speak with our mortgage professionals. CityWorth Mortgage is your total home loan solution, and we’re ready to get you into the home of your dreams today!

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